Gluten Free
Flour Mix 

Have you made a homemade gluten free flour mix? If you’re not happy with your gluten free baking or you’re looking for a less expensive alternative maybe it’s time to try making your own flour mix.

There is nothing wrong with a store bought mix but if you’re not getting the consistently delicious results you want then consider making your own. It’s easy to make and stores well. I make mine once every month or so, depending on how much baking I do. I also try to make it on a day I’m not baking. It only takes a few minutes to make but it requires a clean counter space and an organized storage system. I also like to start baking with a ready to use canister of flour.



  • 300 g sweet rice flour

  • 300 g potato starch

  • 200 g sorghum flour

  • 200 g millet flour


  • Place a bowl on the electronic scale and zero it (tare).

  • Spoon the sorghum flour into the bowl until the scale reads 200g. Dump it into the large container where you will keep your flour mix.

  • Spoon the millet flour into the bowl to measure 200g then add to the mix.

  • Spoon the sweet rice flour into the bowl to measure 300g then add to the mix.

  • Place a strainer over the large container.

  • Spoon the potato starch into the bowl to measure 300g. Spoon some of it into the strainer and use the back of the spoon to push it through the strainer. Continue adding more until all the potato starch is in the flour mix.

  • Stir the entire mixture with the spoon or put the lid on the container and shake. You can also do a bit of both.

  • Label the container. Add a second label with any instructions you will find helpful. Use in any recipe calling for 1 cup of gluten free flour mix.