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We Keep on Moving

We have close to a 100% on-time delivery record to our retail and foodservice customers.  This means our fresh produce arrives in store fresh. The hard work of our growing team and the care and attention of our packing team rely on the final journey of the produce to be efficient.  This is why the excellent distribution system that we have developed with our long term logistics partners Matthews Transport is so important to us.    


We have a fleet of over 40 trailers with Straight, Split and Multi Temp Fridges, which allow us to carry fresh produce at their ideal separate temperatures.  We safeguard this by installing temperature trackers and GPS units on or fridge trailers so we can monitor our produce is and know when it will arrive. 


The most essential and valued piece of this distribution system is a team of professional, local, long-serving drivers.  They are the backbone of the logistics system, and like our growing and packing teams, they take great pride in delivering our premium produce to our customers in the freshest possible state.

Local Drivers & Long Serving Logistics Staff

Fresh Produce at their Ideal Separate Temperatures

Minute by Minute with GPS Tracking Units

On-Time Delivery with Close to 100% Record

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