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OUR Vegetables

& salads

Bountiful Boyne Valley soil gives our crops nutrients and flavour

A quick turnaround time from farm to fork gives you all the freshness of the field

A Vegetable team who prioritise freshness & flavour

Reaching the Shelf in All Their Glory

Meade Farm is blessed to be located in the Boyne Valley, whose rich, loamy soil gives our vegetables not only a wide array of nutrients, but a burst of Boyne flavour that we like to think is unequalled.  


While Ireland has deservedly earned a great reputation for the quality of its potatoes, our fertile soil produces equally outstanding root vegetables, brassicas, onions and salads.  We use premium quality seed, nurture it well and harvest in prime condition within 24 hours of its delivery.  

After a quick trip to our packhouse, our crops undergo thorough quality testing and are packed to order before being sent on their way to our customers.  Consumers can experience the delicious crunch of a bright orange carrot or the zing of our onions knowing that they have all the freshness of the field in every bite.

For vegetables and salads not conducive to growing in the Irish climate, we have developed strong grower partnerships globally. 

See Our Range of Vegetables & Salads


From planning our crops to anticipating trends, our Vegetables team stay ahead of the curve.


Our Farm Manager Conor takes great pride in knowing where our vegetables will thrive, be it a south facing hill that catches good summer sun or the slightly sandy soil our onions enjoy.


 Our production, procurement and sales team use their expertise to make sure that our produce makes its journey to the shelf in premium condition, ready to give consumers a healthy, tasty serving of their 5 a day.

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Patrick Meade

Commercial Director 
Vegetables, Organics & Salads 

My objective is to make sure that our supply chain is efficient in its operations, responsive to customers and has people who are as proud of the produce as I am.  If you have those three things, you will deliver excellent quality every time.

Roy + McKenna-2_edited_edited.jpg

Roy White

Procurement & Sales

Vegetables & Leafy Salads 

Our Farm Manager Conor and I work closely together to make sure that we schedule our harvest so it is farm to fork within the day.  Freshness is all about getting your timing exactly right.


Mark Rooney

Procurement & Sales
Vegetables & Leafy Salads

I’m proud of the fact

that our salad range reflects our consumers’ evolving tastes, healthier snacking items and new standards in terms of sustainability, provenance and packaging.

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