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Forward Thinking

Meade Farm believes in sustainability not only because it’s the right thing to do for the environment and future generations, but because it’s the right thing to do for any growing business that values forward-thinking and efficiency. 

While the term sustainability has many definitions and interpretations, it is essentially about looking at how one can most responsibly act as a steward of the resources one uses and manages.  While we have always been environmentally responsible since our founding (it’s in our DNA), Meade Farm has joined Bord Bia's Origin Green Programme to formally commit to a sustainability plan.


Our sustainability action plan involves setting realistic, proactive policies that will increase our efficiency and best position our company to look forward to a healthy future - environmentally, economically and socially.  The fundamentals of our sustainability plan are organised into Raw Material Sourcing, Manufacturing and Social Sustainability.

Our Commitment

In practical terms, our initiatives aim to accomplish the following:

  • Using local resources where possible to reduce carbon footprint - in produce and all inputs.

  • Employing sound agricultural practice on our own farmland and that of our suppliers to keep crop inputs at a minimum and meet our targets.

  • Reducing our waste by managing the food chain as efficiently as possible, working with community foodbanks such as FoodCloud and introducing other innovations to maintain our Zero Food Waste commitment.

  • Reducing our energy usage through renewable energy with our solar panels, wind turbine, smart recycling of energy and energy-efficient design.

  • Committing to a sustainable packaging strategy  – all materials coming into the warehouse that can be are either reused, recycled or renewed and we aim to work with our customers to use packaging that is reusable, recyclable, renewable or compostable wherever possible.

  • Managing water efficiently – our rainwater harvesting and a water filtration system help to reduce our water requirements.

  • Encouraging our suppliers to engage with us in making their own sustainability action plans.

  • Working with bodies such as FoodCloud, Repak, Bord Bia, GlobalG.A.P., and BRCG to ensure that we are open to as many positive influences on our sustainability and accountability as possible.

  • Supporting our staff through career/personal development courses and sponsorship of events in which they are participants/stakeholders.

  • Supporting our community and the wider public through support and sponsorship of programmes that encourage an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

  • Endeavouring to educate others about sustainability issues such as food waste through special projects, events, social media and other outlets