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Our Core Values


Mission Statement

Our aim is to be Ireland’s leading grower, packer and distributor of fresh produce to the retail sector. We wish to develop and expand our business in a sustainable way through our team’s innovation and commitment.  Our passion is to promote home grown produce, healthy eating and the knowledge that we deliver only the best quality produce to our valued customers.





Meade Farm believes that Together Everybody Achieves More and therefore embraces teamwork in all we do.



We also believe in being an engaging and responsive company and this is achieved by listening and responding to the communities and groups of which we are a part, from our employees to our customers.



We have a responsibility to our environment, our community, our customers, our employees, our fellow growers and our consumers to always strive to offer delicious, safe produce and to do so in a sustainable way.    



We do all of the above by embracing innovation, in how we think, how we grow and how we deliver our tasty, nutritious produce to consumers' plates nationwide.  

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