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From Farm to Fork

Our location in the heart of the Boyne Valley, with its fertile, loamy soil makes the flavours of our potatoes, onions, carrots and other vegetables resonate.  We grow potatoes that actually taste like a potato, red and white onions that have the perfect blend of mild and zingy flavour and carrots that are sweet, earthy and crispy.  With the head start of great ground upon which to grow our crops, we add the rest of the ingredients to make our produce so premium. 

The rest of the ingredients you ask? 

One part experience.
Years of growing has given us the knowledge of what to look for in the soil before we plant, how to best prepare it for sowing, how to spot when the prefect time for harvesting has arrived.

One part dedication to our crops.
We take great pride in all that we plant.  We check our crops every day and ensure they are always progressing towards being the premium produce in which we specialise.  We stay abreast of the latest developments in agronomy so that we can take advantage of all technological and scientific advances in producing the best crop.

One part commitment to sustainability.
We have always prioritised sustainability at the Meade Farm and it all starts with our crops.  We rotate our various crops with our livestock in order to build up healthy, organic matter in the soils.  We try to use organic inputs where possible such as seaweed and other natural fertilisers.  We employ Integrated Pest Management and have a camera-guided Garford Weeder that enables our team to do targeted weeding without using herbicides.  We have planted wildflowers around the farm to provide a haven for bees as part of our participation in the All Ireland Pollinator Plan.


It all adds up to premium produce brought to you by a dedicated, experienced growing team who believe sustainability is a key component of quality.

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Daniel Williams

Farm Manager

The work on our crops starts about five years before it is even planted in finding soil profiles that will yield excellent potatoes.  You have to plan for when they can fit into the field rotation and then the real work begins, field preparation, sowing, checking them daily during the growing season.


Robert Devlin

General Manager, Meade Farm

We always stay abreast of all the latest developments in machinery and agronomy for our crops in order to grow premium produce and be as efficient and sustainable as possible. 

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