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Sourcing only the best quality from our trusted growers in Ireland and abroad

Growers are Global
and/or Bord Bia approved

Our expert team
know where and
when to find
the tastiest fruit

If Only Kiwis Grew in Kildare...

While it would be brilliant if kiwis grew in Kildare or lemons in Louth, Ireland has to be content with a few types of indigenous fruit: apples, pears, rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and gooseberries.  


Other varieties of fruit must be sourced from warmer climates such as the Valencia region of Spain with their juicy citrus or the San Francisco Valley in Brazil for their sweet, seedless grapes.  

We have built a network of Global GAP and or Bord Bia approved growers in Ireland and worldwide who can offer consumers the freshest and finest quality of fruit with full traceability so that you know when you buy one of our oranges or pears, you are bringing the sunshine of well-tended, sustainable orchards into your fruit bowl.

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The key to an excellent Fruit Division is having a team that knows the nuances in flavour for fruit depending on season and location.  Our team members know when the oranges in Spain are starting to develop sour notes and we need to switch to the South African orchards.  At the hint of blandness from our Spanish nectarines, we are quick to have our Italian growers lined up with their crops.  And needless to say, we do a lot of tasting of our Irish strawberries, fine-tuning varieties so that the Irish season can last as long as possible.

Team 4-01.png

Rodney Kingston

Commercial Director,


Over the past 30 years, I have had the privilege to develop great relationships with our fruit growers both here and abroad.  Together we’ve tried new varieties for consumers, weathered some tough storms but through it all, we have all had the common bond of being absolutely committed to premium quality fruit.


Daniel McKenna

Procurement & Sales, Fruit

My job is to gauge when the peak season for a particular type of fruit is starting to wind down, so we can switch to our other growers who are located where the peak season is just beginning.  It means a lot of tasting, but it’s the key to sourcing the best.


James  McGiven

Procurement & Sales, Fruit

In addition to the managing our regular fruit range, I also make sure that we have fruit products on offer seasonally that fit in with consumers' special occasions - Back-to-School lunchbox specials, Valentine's Day strawberry boxes, Christmas gift ideas, etc.

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