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A Passion for Potatoes

Philip Meade Sr. first began selling potatoes in the towns around Meath and Louth in 1977.  Bringing delicious and nutritious potatoes to the people of the Northeast was a true calling for him, and Meade Potato Company was incorporated in 1982 by Philip and his late wife Emily.


Their passion for potatoes soon extended to Irish vegetables, and later, to Irish and other fruit.  What started out as a love affair with the Irish spud soon transformed into a mission to bring all types of tasty, wholesome and healthy produce into the Irish kitchen and prompted a name change to Meade Farm.  From their family farm in Lobinstown, County Meath, Meade Farm have now been growing, packing and distributing premium quality potatoes, fruit, vegetables, salads and organics over the past five decades.  

Philip Sr.’s family were right by his side working hard at harvest time and helping the business to grow, as they themselves grew up.  Patrick joined the family business early on and developed the Fruit and Vegetable Division.  Philip Jr. studied business and applied his learnings to the Potato Division.  Eleanor enjoyed a career as an accountant outside the family farm for a decade but returned to manage the Operations side of this growing agribusiness.  Along the way, the family farm has been lucky enough to also have an amazing group of local employees, some of whom have been with the business for over 30 years.  Together they have turned a sole trading potato business into Meade Farm Group, an award-winning agribusiness that offers Irish consumers a range of sustainable, quality produce.


Philip Meade Sr.

Managing Director

From the very beginning, our number one priority was to bring the best possible potato to the market.   We’ve grown and diversified over the years, but it is still all about offering premium produce and excellent service.


Eleanor Meade

Operations Manager

Growing up in the family farm business taught me a lot and instilled a great work ethic that I brought with me when I left the farm to work as an accountant.  Returning back to the family business in the last decade has meant that I am now bringing back learnings from the business world to my role as Business Operations Manager.  

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