Irish potato



Our starch is the ONLY indigenously produced native food grade starch in Ireland.

Our starch is currently made from surplus potatoes, giving it a more sustainable supply chain.

Potato starch is a gluten free binding agent for use in cooking.

New to the Irish Market

We take great pride in the fact that we have recently brought to market a world class product for use in food manufacturing, Ireland’s only native food grade Irish potato starch, out of a desire to be more sustainable.  In the widely-recognised environmental study PROJECT DRAWDOWN, the no. 3 most scaleable solution to reducing climate change is to reduce food waste.  Our starch is doing this, offering a novel, nutritious and premium product to consumers and manufacturers worldwide that is made from surplus-to-requirements potatoes.  Unlike European and Russian starch which is predominantly made from potatoes grown specifically for starch extraction, ours are only from potatoes graded out of the table potato market, giving our potato crops more long-term sustainability.  


Our state-of-the-art custom-built starch plant processes our out of spec and surplus potato stock and uses cutting edge technology to produce premium quality food grade starch.  The system is currently working toward complete carbon neutrality, using wind energy and solar panels  A water filtration system adds further sustainability credentials as it helps us conserve the water required in the process.  Like the rest of our farm and food production facility, it has received BRCGS accreditation.

Irish Potato starch contains resistant starch which has been widely recognised for its use as a prebiotic, supporting the abundance of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Unlike other starches which convert to glucose in the small intestine, resistant starch resists digestion and reacts like dietary fibre in the large intestine.  Some research indicates eating about 15–30 g of resistant starch each day may help protect the body against inflammation in the digestive system. It may also help keep a person satisfied after meals and increase insulin sensitivity, regulating blood sugar. (John Hopkins University Patient Guide to Diabetes)


Consumers now have a healthy, more sustainable alternative to imported starch and food manufacturers have easy access for the first time to an Irish ingredient that will enhance their own products.  In addition, other manufacturing processes can utilise our starch to ensure their products are as sustainable as possible.

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We take great pride in the fact that we turned a problem (surplus to requirement potatoes and peelings) into an opportunity with the first food grade Irish potato starch.  That is sustainability at its best, encouraging innovation. 


We regard our starch as a ‘gateway’ product.  It introduces consumers to a more sustainable alternative to corn starch and it gives food manufacturers easy access for the first time to an Irish ingredient that will enhance their own products.  In addition, other Irish and global manufacturing processes can utilise our starch to make their products much more CO2 friendly.


As trailblazers in Ireland’s only starch plant, our team has the winning combination of experience (in the areas of agriculture, food, drink and science), knowledge and inventiveness that translates into efficient innovation.  They are ready to help customers use our unique, premium quality product to enhance their own products.

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Robert Devlin

General Manager, Meade Farm

It was always an ambition of ours to make better use of Ireland’s surplus potatoes; the fact that we have created a premium grade ingredient that was lacking in Ireland, gives us a real sense of satisfaction.


Cliona Costello

Sales & Procurement, Starch

As innovators in the field, we have explored many different angles and processes to get to this point; the hard work has paid off and we are now proud to offer a high grade premium quality Irish starch that is both completely safe and highly functional.