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Our Potato Starch

At last there is a sustainably-produced food grade potato starch made in Ireland.  It can be used in place of corn flour, which is an imported product.


Widely used in Asian cuisines, potato starch provides a light, crispy texture when used as a frying medium.  It thickens gravies, sauces and soups very effectively, and can be used in baking as a gluten free alternative and to add texture.

Recently awarded  the Irish Quality Food Award for Foodservice Product of the Year,

our potato starch is the new must-have ingredient for your cupboard

Our range

Potato Starch Pouch Mock Up-01.png

Potato Starch Pouch

Potato Starch Pouch Mock Up-01.png

Potato Starch Pouch

25kg Meade Starch Bag.png

Potato Starch Paper Bag

Meade Potato Starch 1 Ton.png

Potato Starch 1 Ton Bag

If you are a trade customer interested in Meade Potato Starch, please contact us here.

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