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Meade Family with their New Compostable

Sustainability Leading Innovation

Meade Farm are proud to be leading the way when it comes to creating new markets for our fresh produce.  Over the years we have introduced new products to the Irish market from abroad, but we have also developed innovative products and services ourselves.


We were the first company to export Irish potatoes abroad by the boatload, and have since initiated shipments abroad of Irish product whenever export market conditions were suitable.


In a major development that will open new markets and increase sustainability, we are the first and only farm in Ireland to extract high quality native food-grade starch from our surplus potatoes.   

Sustainability also provided another first for the company when we became the first packer to use a 100% compostable paper pillow potato pack.  The innovative bag saves on energy and paper versus the traditional paper potato bags and eliminates hard to recycle plastic from the conventional plastic potato bags.


Gleaning has been around since Biblical times (mentioned in Leviticus); it is the collection of produce/crops left over in the field after harvesting and donation of this produce to those in need.  We are pioneering a gleaning network with our community foodbank partners FoodCloud whereby growers from around the nation can reach out and invite volunteers to ‘glean’ and donate leftover produce for use by FoodCloud’s charity clients.


Innovation is a core value of this company, and one that goes hand in hand with sustainability.  We look forward to many more years of making history.      

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