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Grown in
nutrient-rich soil 

Expertly nurtured
from sowing
to harvesting

Journey from the
field to your fork handled with care

Our Passion for Potatoes

Meade Farm has a passion for potatoes.  We have been growing spuds here in the heart of the Boyne Valley over the past five decades; we take our job growing this favourite of the Irish diet very seriously. 


Our Farm Manager Conor O’Malley, together with our trusted team of growers, appreciate that the care which is put into potatoes in the ground determines their quality and taste when they reach the consumer’s plate.  The pride that we take in bringing all our crops of flavourful, nutritious potatoes from field to fork is backed up by the hard work we put into them from planting to harvesting to washing, grading and packing.

From using only the highest quality, certified seed potatoes when sowing through to the care with which we harvest and pack our potatoes, we do our utmost to ensure that you find our potatoes give you the nutrition you need to fuel your busy lifestyle.


The potato’s role in Irish history and its well-earned place at the Irish dinner table make all our consumers connoisseurs of the potato.  At Meade Farm we have delicious potatoes to cater to every taste – from the waxy to the floury, from bakers to baby potatoes, we have a spud to suit you!

See Our Full Range of Potatoes


When you pick a blush red Rooster from the ground, you are picking up a perfectly formed bundle of nutrients.  Potatoes are renowned for gathering the good of the soil around them and transforming it into power on a plate.  This means that soil selection and preparation is of paramount importance when growing spuds.  


Our Farm Manager, agronomists and potato procurement team know when a field is ready to yield a good crop of potatoes.  They know how to prepare the field to give the spuds the right environment to grow and then what to do when there has been an abundance of rain, or a scarcity of it.  Minding our potato crops is a science, as well as an art, that our team have perfected, and are fine-tuning with every season.


The team are also good at keeping consumers, the potato connoisseurs of Ireland, satisfied, either with our traditional favourites or with new varieties that might excite or sometimes with traditional ones, dressed up a little different.  Our award-winning Deluxe Roosters are testament to this, as are our award-winning chips and our innovative Meade 2kg White Potatoes in a 100% compostable bag.  Our potato offering represents good agronomy backed up by a team committed to exceeding the high standards of the Irish consumer.

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Philip Meade Jr.

Commercial Director,

I think a key factor in why our potato business has thrived is our belief in the product.  We love our spuds and do everything we can to produce premium quality potatoes.  This means that we are constantly researching the latest developments in growing, storing and marketing potatoes.


Paddy Matthews

Procurement & Sales

It's important to anticipate what consumers will be looking for and build that into our growing programme.

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