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Meade Farm Today

The Meade farm and food production facility today bears little resemblance to their original family farm.  It has grown from a single packing store to an agricultural enterprise with separate divisions for Potatoes, Fruit & Veg, Prepared Foods, Starch, each housing numerous state of the art production lines - all of which serve to make the journey from farm to fork as efficient as possible.


Sustainability has guided the expansion all along the way, so the skyline now includes a wind turbine, solar panels and water harvesting storage tanks.  But needless to say, for us, it’s not the skyline that matters most, it’s the ground.  Our business, despite its expansion into fruit, starch and prepared foods, is still all about growing things and making sure its premium quality.  That’s where we started and that’s what still matters today.

The Irish agri-food industry has earned a great reputation as an anchor of the Irish economy and an important player in the development of our export markets.  Meade Farm is proud to be a leading innovator in an industry that has evolved so efficiently and employed so many, and most importantly, has served the Irish consumer so well with healthy, affordable food.  

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