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A Crucial Stage of the Journey

Our food production facility might be state of the art, with cutting edge systems in place, but we do our best to ensure that our produce spends as little time there as possible. 


Our goal is to make sure that our produce gets from the field to your fork as quickly as possible.  To arrive on the shelf as fresh as possible, we need to quality, check, grade, test, pack and label everything as efficiently as possible. 

The care our produce receives after it is harvested is every bit as important as the care the crop receives in the field.  With the fridge turned to just the right temperature we can ensure that our potatoes taste as fresh as the hour they were picked, that our carrots have just the right amount of crunch and our grapes give refreshing bursts of flavour in your mouth.  

Time and temperature are two big priorities in our packhouse.  After that, the next priority is packaging.  We strive to have innovative, eco-friendly packaging, sourcing the best materials that will have low impact on the environment.  Using state of the art production lines means that we can handle our produce with maximum efficiency and pack it with maximum sustainability.


The packhouse team, from the general operatives to the warehouse supervisor, are on a mission to deliver premium produce to our customers each and every time.

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Mark Fedigan Website_edited_edited_edite

Mark Fedigan

Warehouse Manager,
Vegetable & Salads

We keep a close eye on packhouse and store temperatures so that all our fruit and vegetables stay in premium condition.  We also must ensure that we move our produce through the packhouse as quickly as possible so that it arrives with our customers as fresh from the field as possible.


Radoslaw Krol

Warehouse Manager,


I take over after the spuds are brought into the store, making sure they are stored and packed correctly.  I work very hard at ensuring they retain their freshness and quality through delivery to the customer.

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