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All our organic
produce is fully traceable and certified

Our range is
with every year

Taste, appearance and shelf life compare favourably with conventional counterparts

Perfectly Natural Organic Produce

Organic produce has improved immensely in quality and range in the past two decades.  Selecting only the best quality produce, we offer our customers delicious, wholesome and perfectly natural organic produce that is indistinguishable in appearance and often better in flavour from its conventional counterparts.


While we specialise in organic carrots, onions and potatoes, we have a team of certified organic growers who also offer apples, avocados, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, pears, and tomatoes.  And the good news is that our range is expanding with every year!

Working closely with a network of conscientious and dedicated organic growers who are fully certified with the Irish Organic Association, we keep abreast of the latest developments in organics and are always seeking to locate new organic products to satisfy every taste.  


While we regularly source outside Ireland due to growing seasons and continuity of supply, we ensure that all our growers are properly certified.  As with all our produce, the organic range has full traceability from farm to shelf.

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Every year brings new advancements in organic growing and our team is there at the forefront, trialling new growing methods and trying new products.  


We are committed to bringing the organic consumer the very best options for their potato, fruit and vegetables; we firmly believe that organic customers should never have to compromise on selection or quality.

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Ruairi Carolan

Ruairi Carolan

Business Development

Organics & Salads

The strides made by our organic range in the last decade have been phenomenal.  I’m proud to say we are one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of organic produce to consumers, bringing our organic range in line with our conventional range in terms of range and quality.


Julie-Ann Maguire

Procurement & Sales
Organics & Salads

We completely support the new EU Farm to Fork strategy which is aiming to increase the amount of organic produce grown in Ireland.


Patrick Farrelly

Procurement & Sales
Organics & Salads

We have received a huge amount of positive feedback from customers who appreciate all the hard work we do to find and grow produce that fits their lifestyles and sustainability goals.

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