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Irish Potato Federation wins bid to host World Potato Congress in 2021

The Irish Potato Federation has had a hardworking committee who have been bidding for and then planning the staging of the World Potato Congress in Dublin from 31 May to 3 June 2021. The date is drawing nearer and hopefully with the pandemic well behind us, It is envisaged that 1,000 delegates, from developing and developed countries across the globe, including growers, researchers, producers, traders, processors and manufacturers, will attend the Congress. The Irish Potato Federation has also secured the simultaneous hosting of the Europatat Congress, which is the annual congress of the European association of the potato trade. The theme for this meeting of the World Potato Congress is Sustainability.

The potato is the third most important crop in the world and is produced on all continents except Antarctica. Over the past two decades, potato production has increased dramatically in developing countries, and has now overtaken that in the developed world. It’s growing importance as a staple food crop that meets the demands of increasing human populations is bolstered by it being an important source of starch. It has been adapted for cultivation in a wide range of environments and, with the availability of significant germplasm resources, the potential to further exploit its natural biodiversity is considerable.

Meade Farm are delighted to be a sponsor of the event and look forward to participating at the congress as well as hosting tours for delegates. Delegates can learn about our approach to potato production, how it fits with our other growing operations, why sustainability is a driving force for innovation and diversification and why we think our starch extraction plant will help potato growers. All of this with the backdrop of beautiful Boyne Valley sites of Newgrange, Monsterboice, Mellifont Abbey and the Hill of Slane.

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