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Our surplus food donations to FoodCloud this quarter provided approx. 23,095 meals and helped avoid approx 31 tonnes of CO2e. The approximate value of our donations from Jan to end March to food charity organisations was €29,100.

While we try to channel an adequate amount of surplus per quarter to FoodCloud to help them meet the needs of their clients, there are times when we simply do not have that much surplus-to-requirements produce available. This can be the result of the fact that we are not doing any major harvesting which is when you get more gleaned produce and more wonky shapes. It can also be the result of other factors such as more intake in our potato starch production plant or greater efficiency in growing the produce. We usually try to supplement our FoodCloud deliveries when surplus supply dips as part of our Social Sustainability Pillar in Origin Green.

Reduction of food waste is the third most effective way to reduce carbon emissions globally, with a third of all the food produced globally being wasted. It is estimated that if we eliminate food waste, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approx 8-11%! That's some return, and a driving force behind why we are so intent on doing our part.

Our FoodCloud champions Mark McKenna and Radek Krol do their best to ensure FoodCloud get a consistent stream of quality albeit surplus-to-requirements produce. They are already on the case for next quarter!


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