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Underpinning our CSR programme are partnerships that enable us to

pursue and implement our social sustainability goals.


Our current CSR priorities for sponsorship include:

  • Encouraging healthy eating & active lifestyles

  • Promoting waste prevention awareness through education 

  • Supporting our employees and our local community 


Our sponsorship budget is already allocated but there is some flexibility, espcially for in-kind sponsorship.


If you meet any of the criteria below, please send a request through the form below and applications will be reviewed on the first Thursday of each month.  Due to the volume of requests, only successful applications will be notified.

Does your request involve healthy eating, active lifestyles, waste prevention or one of our local community groups?

Is your project connected to or does it benefit our local community and our team of Meade employees?

While we are open to new projects, long standing partnerships would be prioritised.

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