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Large Capacity - The grow bags is 54cm wide and 50cm height  it has a 30 litre capacity, providing a stable environment for your vegetables and fruits.

Premium Quality - The grow bags are made from a high-quality PE fabric material that is very strong and breathable, allowing the roots to breathe and grow healthy and strong.

Usable for several seasons, gardening enthusiasts will love these plants grow bags.

Humanization Design - Vents at the bottom of the grow bags and flaps on the side improve ventilation, providing better drainage and airflow. You can watch root and fruit growth through flaps.  What's more, roots can be pruned through the harvest window to help root branches grow.

Light & Portable - The grow bags are lightweight and come with sturdy handles that allow you to move them easily.  The plant grow bag folds into a small volume when not in use, making it very easy to carry and store.

Applicable Widely - grow bags can be used with a variety of plants, whether it's potatoes, onions, carrots, vegetables, fruits, or flowers.  It makes planting, growing, and harvesting plants easier and is the perfect choice for gardeners.

6 x Pack Grow Bags

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