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prepared foods

 preP less

live more

Perfect for on-the-go consumers who don’t
want to compromise
on quality

No peeling,

no cutting,

just cook!

Prepare them as

healthy or as

indulgent as you want

Our Prepared Food

If you are a busy parent or a time-strapped professional who doesn’t want to compromise on quality food, we have the answer.   


Our fresh range of prepared potatoes and vegetables bring all the freshness of the field conveniently to your kitchen.  Meade Farm has introduced the Prep Less Live More range to offer our delicious potatoes and vegetables to on-the-go consumers who want a healthy meal accompaniment that can be prepared quickly.

Prep Less Live More chips, peeled potatoes and vegetables come ready to cook - no need for peeling or cutting– with no added oil or seasonings.  You can decide how you want to cook them - as healthy or as indulgent as you want.  They are particularly popular with Slimmers who use the airfryer to keep them as low cal as possible.


We are proud to have received a Highly Commended Award from the Irish Quality Food Awards for these delicious chips.  Amongst very tough competition from gratins and mashes we emerged with the Highly Commended Award in the Meal Accompaniment category. 

See Our Current Range of
Prep Less Live More


Our diversification into the prepared food market came from our desire to bring our quality produce to consumers who wanted a healthy, fresh produce based meal but did not have the time to prepare it.  Our team keep this in mind as they develop each and every product. 


The potatoes for our prepared range are carefully selected to ensure they will make a good chip; their chipping profile must be right - variety, sugar levels, dry matter, etc.  Once we have tested our potatoes to ensure they fit the profile, we then put them through the production line as fast as we can, so that they make it to the shelf as quickly as possible, not compromising on freshness or quality!

Team 4-01.png

Holly Gunapala

Procurement & Sales

We know how important it is for consumers to have premium quality, convenient, healthy food they can rely on when they need a quick meal solution.  That's why we focus on bringing the freshness of the fields into all our prepared food products.


Robert Devlin

General Manager

To produce chip shop style chips, it's important to ensure we use only  potatoes with the correct profile in terms of sugar levels and dry matter.  It is a real science that starts in the field with picking the right variety, harvesting at the optimum time and storing in the right conditions.

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