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If your guilty pleasure is the slightly scary cheesy nacho dip you get at the cinema, we have a more wholesome Irish version recipe that uses only three ingredients - milk/cream, cheddar cheese and a wee bit of our pure potato starch! 


Great for parties, BBQs and movie nights!

This recipe is brought to us by Viv of @vivs_home_cooking - a true champion of Irish ingredients and a dedicated foodie whose passion for cooking for her family is matched only by her passion for teaching her children to cook as well!

AdobeStock_291866261 cheesy nacho dip.jpeg


200ml half and half ( milk and cream)
1 tspoon of starch @meade_farm
150g red cheddar cheese ( preferably block cheese as ready shredded cheese has cornstarch on it and can mess with texture)


  • Whisk together half and half and the starch until smooth.

  • Bring to a light boil over medium-high heat stirring constantly.

  • Reduce heat and simmer 30 seconds, stirring constantly, then remove from heat.

  • Immediately stir in cheese and return to low heat and stir to fully melt the cheese.

  • Serve warm with tortilla chips for dipping.

  • Note that the sauce will not reheat well so scale as needed.

  • Enjoy!

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